Mosaics By Simone


The Official Website of Simone W. Morton – Mosaic Artist

Simone W. Morton is one of the newest and unique mosaic artists today.  Her style is distinctive and original and celebrates today’s African American experience.

The “Diva” collection celebrates the 21st century’s beautiful and strong black woman.

The "Brothers" collection gives homage to the men closest in her life - her husband and two handsome, smart and wonderful sons. 

 "First Born - Blessed and Highly Favored" is her oldest son - handsome, smart and a talented engineer.

The "Bassist" is her youngest son, a talented bassist. 

Other mosaic collections display whimsical playfulness, hipness, strength and sometimes plain old fun and all are beautiful. 

Her work is on display in NouriTress Salon and Hair Clinic in Fayetteville, Georgia and in the personal art collection of art enthusiasts who recognize a new twist on a centuries old art style.

You are personally invited to explore this web site, and enjoy all the Mosaics by Simone.


"Guardian Angel"


"Blessed and Highly Favored"

"Baby Grand Diva"

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